Thursday, November 9, 2006

Busy Day

Today I have been trying to get the last of my canning done. I made a recipe today I have never seen before. It is called Tomato Butter. I looks so good and sounds so good. I still have zucchini to do up. I want to make zucchini bread and freeze it . It is so good in the winter months. I love to have it with a cup of tea or coffee. We had such a late summer this year , I am still messing with stuff from the garden . I usually have it out of the way by now.
I still haven't planted my garlic and I have got to get that done right away.
Our rain let up for a little while but more is on its way.It has been terrible the last few days.
I love to go junking and today while I was out I found a wonderful old cast iron pan for making rolls.I have a huge collection of cast iron and use most of it . I only have cast iron frying pans. They make everything so wonderful.
My darling little year old granddaughter Sadie is staying with us until Sunday while her mom ( my daughter ), dad and brother are in Disneyland. She is so easy to take care of. If I ever figure out the picture part of this I will put in a picture of her and all the rest of them.

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