Tuesday, February 20, 2007

February Has Come And Almost Gone

Well I am back finally. I have been so busy trying to keep up with everything.
I had Carpul Tunnel surgery a week ago Monday on my right hand. I have been putting it off for 6 years but finally had to give in and have it done. My left hand will be done also. It is a pretty simple operation but let me tell you folks you have no idea how much you use your right or left hand until you CAN'T. I couldn't have picked any worse time to have it done but I had no options.I am in the middle of packing my house because we have sold it and also lambing season. My hand is doing very well and is almost back to normal.
I have 7 lambs , 3 ewes with twins and 1 ewe with a single. They are so darn cute. I still have 3 ewes to lamb.
Spring is surely right around the corner.My snowdrops are popping through the ground and the bulbs are popping up everywhere and the leaf buds are forming on all the branches. Spring
is always welcome at my house . It is like starting fresh again.

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