Sunday, May 27, 2007

Other Interesting Pictures

picture of my golden chain tree that my neighbor and I share . It is on the property line and it hangs with beautiful golden chains of flowers. The neighbors gardener pruned it one year on her side without asking her and she almost fired him over it. It is not a tree you prune if you want to enjoy the flowers.

I have also included another picture of an ant pile on my fence line. I was hoping the ants would show up better but they didn't. I know I am crazy but I love ant piles. When iIwas small my mother taught us kids to always respect an ant pile. She said they are just like humans, they work hard, they take care of their dead and are always working on their homes. I have never forgotten that and when I have an ant pile I leave it right where it is unless it is in a place where it is impossible. Our ants are basicly harmless unless of course you fell in the pile because they do bite.


  1. what a lovely tree, have not seen those here in my area.
    very pretty. would you know where one might could find something like that?

  2. The Golden Chain tree can be found in the catalog from Burgess Seed and Plant Company from Bloomington, IL. You may order from their catalog at They have another different looking tree called the Lily of the Valley Tree. I would love to have both, but have not ordered them yet.