Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello Everyone,
Well I am back after being gone from my blog like forever. I cannot believe the last time I posted was in May.
I have lots to write about and many pictures to add . So lets hope I keep on track.
I am not moving to Montana like I had planned .Changed my Grandma mind and decided I couldn't leave my Kids and Grand kids. I am just to much of a Mama and Grandma.
However we have sold our home to our daughter and we are hopefully finding some land farther out in the country. We are living in a 5th wheel right now and it isn't my cup of tea for very long. You will no doubt hear me whine about this for months to come. So bear with me. I will be back to write more soon. Have a wonderful summer day. It is 80 something here in Western Washington today.


  1. Robin, glad to hear that you're sticking around the area! I know how hard it is to be apart from the kids/grandkids and I'm thankful that mine are still within a few hours driving distance.

  2. Robin,

    I came across your blog on the internet and wondered how you like your CVM/Romney crosses? I have Romneys now but am considering crossing them with CVM ... is the color variegation of the CVM dominant?

    Thanks, Ruth

  3. welcome back. hope all the upcoming changes go smoothly for you.

  4. Robin, glad to hear you're not moving. Sure hope you're getting back into your sheep.

    Keep us posted on things as you can.


  5. Oh those heartstrings do keep you tied up, don't they! My husband has always planned to retire about 5 hours from here but I don't know if I can miss my grandsons that much...