Monday, January 7, 2008

It's Been a Long Time

So sorry it has been so long AGAIN since I have written on my blog. We are still between to homes and my computer is at my son's house. Which means I don't get to it very often.
We have had very weird weather here this winter. It tries to snow but doesn't get to far. I would love to see a nice all day snow storm and then let it melt for the winter.
I did a couple of bazaars this year and our October Fest and I always enjoy doing them and talking with the people.
Our Christmas was different this year but very nice. I have always had Christmas at my home and this year I couldn't. I thought it would really bother me but I did fine. Hopefully by next year we will be in our new home and I can settle in for Christmas again at my house.
Our beautiful mountain is covered with snow and is absolutely gorgeous.
My animals are all doing fine. I will only have one ewe lambing this year , probably next month. I have had something eating my chicken eggs. I finally caught the creatures. We have made quick work of 2 BIG possums. They are not one bit afraid of humans and just stand there and look at you. BUT I won the battle. They never eat the chickens just the feed and the eggs.
I also took another quilting class this fall . It is a year long class. Blocks of the flags of the American Revolution. Very interesting and lots of fun.
My grandchildren are growing in leaps and bounds. They are what keep me going. My oldest granddaughter will be getting married in July. I cannot believe it.
I have been doing a lot of spinning and knitting. I belong to 2 Spinning groups and we have a great time when we meet. I also belong to a sewing group that meets at the community center so I am finally getting some sewing done.
I hope to post some new pictures soon.
Wishing you all a very happy 2008


  1. Hello my grandma,
    Yes you do seem to stay pretty busy, I haven't been able to come around too much lately, so it was nice to read about some of the things you have been upto. You must have been back at Uncle's posting this when I stopped by!! well I love you, and I have enjoyed reading things you write.

  2. Robin, good to hear from you again! We're missing you at Women Who Farm! Hope you can visit again soon.

  3. hope you are having a good January thus far.
    sounds like you are keeping plenty busy.
    wishing you a lovely weekend.

  4. inviting you to stop by my blog to join in my latest fun drawing. I hope you'll join the fun.