Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happenings On The Farm

Spring is finally getting in gear . This is a late spring for us. The last few days have been sunny and now we are having rain again . I have been able to get out and get my garden planted. Still have more  to put in. Have been planting my hanging baskets and pots  and it is looking pretty good here on  the farm.
     The chickens have been enjoying the warmth of the sun and are very busy dusting themselves after spending many months with rain and more mud than they like. I am getting many more eggs and that tells me they are HAPPY. My eggs are in great demand from my customers. Aren't they beautiful ?
    For the closing of my lambing  this year . One of my last ewes gave me a darling set of triplets. Sometimes the Mom can't take care of all 3 of her babies but she has done just fine.

Mama lays down when she is tired of her babes nursing  her , and with 3 of them you can imagine they nurse most of the time , LOL

I have been working very hard from the time we moved here 2 years ago to get birds in my yard. They took every tree off the front of the property before we moved here. I have planted trees, shrubs and plants for the birds and it is finally starting to pay off. Here are a few of the birds so far this year.

Swallows are building a nest in this bird house

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  1. Triplets are so cute, all so different! Mom has her hands full it seems. We are getting so much rain here in Ellensburg...nice and refreshing for a change. Pastures are really growing and the garden is in and sprouting up nicely.

    Funny about the birds...we have so many and never begged them to come around...they are very noisy and wake me up everyday, little stinkers. It's not just a sweet one or two but a cacophony!