Friday, December 24, 2010

We went to see "Annie"

Last Sunday we went to The Tacoma Little Theater to see "Annie" When my daughter Jenny was very young we went to see "Annie" at the 5th Avenue in Seattle.
This time we  took  my son's 2 little girls and my daughter's little girl, my 3 youngest granddaughters.
What fun we had. I love on stage shows and the little girls were totally amazed. Needless to say they loved it. After the show we took them to dinner, drove around and looked at Christmas lights and stopped for ice cream. It was so much fun.
This is the 2 older girls at our house before we left.
The three girls at my daughter's house before we left. Aren't their dresses beautiful. Their other grandma's bought them for them just for the show
Here they are at the theater. They are so close and love each other so much and I am so proud of them

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