Saturday, January 1, 2011


     Happy New Year everyone. Bill and I had a very quiet New Years Eve. I don't enjoy going out and neither does he so we stay home and relax and watch old westerns. Doesn't that sound just so exciting.
      I have most of my Christmas decorations down and will finish that tomorrow. I am trying to organize them better for next year. I only have 10 rubber totes of decorations. LOL. Have been trying to give some to kids, and grand kids. It is really hard to get rid of them
       It has been cold but beautiful here. It snowed a few days ago and then started freezing. During the day the sun is out bright and the snow glistens so pretty. It isn't much snow about an inch.
       I have been feeding the birds like crazy. I have oodles of them. Lots of Red Wing Blackbirds and the usual little birds.
      My mind is already thinking spring. My mama and papa duck are talking sweet words to each other already. The ewes are getting fat with babies and my baby chicks I bought last summer are almost ready to start laying. I need to plant some pepper seeds and soon tomato seeds. I sure hope we have a better summer this year than we did last year. I don't think I could take another one like that.
Monday I am going after the rest of the stuff I need for my Bee adventure. I have to buy my bees so I will have them in the spring when it is time to put them in the hive. I am really nervous about this adventure. I hope I am successful. I am still taking classes and my friends have been so helpful to me.
         Hope your New year is full of love and happiness.


  1. Robin...enjoyed reading your blog and getting a peek at your family life! You are blessed.

  2. Only TEN totes of decorations?!? Robin, you really know how to celebrate, and you and Bill celebrated the way Jim and I like to celebrate New Year's Eve, except we watched Hallmark specials with granddaughters instead of Westerns.

  3. Yes and I had at least 3 more I didn't bring in but every year i put less out and get rid of a few