Friday, April 22, 2011

My Bees Have Arrived

April 5th ,2011 I received my Bees. You have no idea how excited I was. This picture was taken right after I put them in their hive. I had all the equipment I needed , my bee suit and hat  and etc. Except the proper gloves. I was using my blue tipped garden gloves. However I forgot that there was regular cloth on the tops of them. The bees were angry because they had been in transport for days and so of course they came out and stung me on the tops of my hands , 4 times.  Well I learned that lesson real fast.
Today with my friend Beth, who is my Mentor, we went back into the hive to make sure all was going well. I now have a pair of leather gloves and no stings. I am also feeding them sugar water as needed. The bees were calm and  very busy, we found the queen, seen honey, and everything else was doing fine. It was such an experience. I am thrilled.


  1. Oh Robin, you are having so much fun, aren't you? I find the sound of bees and the sight of them hovering around their hives to be comforting, kind of an "all's well" sign to me.Plus, you should have your own sweet honey to savor over the winter.Blessings abundant~

  2. How exciting Robin!!!! You need to keep posting so we can follow your progress with the bees!

  3. How very cool! I have always wanted bees, but haven't gotten to it yet. I will be following your adventures with interest!