Monday, December 5, 2011

Storyteller and the Oregon Trail

I am little late getting this on my blog. I had this in a draft and forgot to send it.

In March we had a story teller come to our local community center and tell the story of the Oregon Trail. She was outstanding . Children and adults loved her.
These are some of the decorations we used.

Old Granite roaster with tulips and salal
Old quilt blocks
The kids made posters of the Oregon trail and we had a prize for them

This is our story teller.

Our set for the story teller
The string the kids are holding represented the space of a wagon train. She was showing us how much space there was in the wagon
Items used on the wagon train
The kids very involved in listening
Everyone enjoying the stew we served
Girls telling each other wagon train stories
Everyone that helped. It was a super fun time. Our storyteller was very,very good
My 3 younger granddaughters, Hailey, Rebecca and Sadie
We each took a table to decorate for our feast. This is the table I decorated

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