Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Our Thanksgiving was so nice this year . We had it at our daughter and son in laws home. Which by the way formally was our home. The food was wonderful and we all have many things to be thankful for.
These little turkeys the little kids made for our dinner table. They were so cute
Our table before we ate. Always  so pretty
 The fireplace mantle. I love it. I miss my mantle . I don't have one at our new house. But I am working on getting one
 Another cute arrangement on my grandmothers old sewing amchine
 Food on the table . O my gosh
 The five little grandkids. From left to right Jake, G.W., Rebecca, Sadie, and Hailey. I love everyone of those little faces more than they will ever know. They have their own little table and they love it.
And of course here we are all eating. I tried to get everyones face in there and almost made it. We love to get together and we always have a good time.


  1. Beautiful! Looks like your talents have been passed off to Jenny! I love the different assortment colors of plates. The warmth of love radiates in each picture. Love you Robin!

  2. I could stay on your blog all day..the music is so gooo-d!

  3. Hey did you know your blog was rated on eck it out !