Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting For Spring

 Spring arrived a couple of days ago, NOT, I am so tired this year of the cold and rain. It even snowed here for a bit today. I have so much I want to get started on in the flowers and garden. I do have some seeds going and also have transplanted a bit.

Some signs of spring.We have a lot of crows and unlike most people I love to have them around . They are such characters.
 My first planter.this perked me up a little. Pansies, Primrose and
and a beautiful Anemone
My garlic is planted in a container this year. I am redoing my garden and had to get the garlic planted in the fall . So I hope it does well this year.
Brussel Sprouts transplanted and growing well and will be for sale in a month or so.
On one of our very few nice days. The sheep are totally enjoying the sun.
Love these little guys. they make me smile. And I know if they are blooming spring is here . It is just struggling to get going

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