Monday, December 9, 2013

As The Year Goes On, From June To December

 Asparagus the neighbor guy and I canned. He wanted to learn to can. We had a really fun time . We used 2 different recipes and they both turned out really good
My garlic I planted in the fall of 2012. This picture was early spring of 2013 .

 This is around July. Looking good. I planted the garlic in this container this year because I needed to rearrange my garden but it is planted for 2014 back in the garden. It actually did pretty well.                          
                                               The beginning of the 2013 garden. We added a fence around the garden this year to keep the sweet little ducks out of it. They are really good for slugs BUT they also love nice tender little cabbage and onion plants
My wonderful garden at it's best. I had a beautiful garden this year

Bill finally got our flag pole up and it is beautiful

My pair of guineas with there brood this year. I think there was around 20 babies. They look just like little bumble bees when they are born. Very tiny

I planted my potatoes in buckets this year. They did really well and because I don't have room in my garden I will be planting them in buckets this next year.
The sheep are ready to be sheared

Toni is my Sheep Shearer. He has been shearing sheep for many years and has sheared for the real big flocks.

             He is semi retired now.
I enjoy watching Toni shear and he is fast. He is a good man

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  1. What a lovely piece of property you have. Beautiful gardens and I am sure lively produce by the looks of it! Just love all of your farm animals. The guineas are so pretty! I LOVE sheep!! So cool to watch him shear the sheep I am sure. I watched it done at a fair on MY this summer. Was amazed how quickly the guy could do it!! Looks like you have some beautiful wool!!