Tuesday, February 4, 2014

August in Eureka, Montana

We went to visit my brother in Eureka, Montana. It is just a beautiful place to live. I also went to a quilt show while I was there. The show is all outdoors . Quilts are hung all up and down the main street and only street of the town.They are also hung in the historical village at the end of town. Very fun.

There are deer everywhere.
Wonderful old building. I wished I knew what it was used for.
They have lakes everywhere and they are all very pretty
Same lake , My husband, Bill, on left and my brother Mike. He would make a good Santa with that beard, LOL
One of the many quilts at the show. I love sunflowers.

We had a great time. Only 7 miles from the Canadian border. Beautiful country.


  1. Oh! I love the stone building too! Fun trip for you! ;-)

  2. The stone cabinmay have been someone's home...thanks for the gorgeous Mt. pictures..I lived near Columbia Falls, in Dillon, and was born in Great Falls.
    Before children my parents were teachers on the Blackfeet Res. east of Glacier Park...recently got to see the still snow covered Mission Mts. near St. Ignatious.
    Thanks for sharing. mm,vancouver, wa.

  3. Thank you for responding. I hope to go back this summer. I love Montana,especially the Eureka area