Monday, March 12, 2007

Our Mountain

We have the most beautiful mountains here in Washington State but the one I am most familiar with is Mt. Rainier. I love this mountain and I have taught my children and grandchildren to love it. It grounds me and makes me happy and secure.When I want to pick myself up from a bad day. I find a good view of it and go sit and watch it for a while. There has been talk that it could erupt one day but I hope it never does. If I ever leave this state I will miss the mountain the most. Here is an evening view of OUR MT. RAINIER. I will get a clear day time view and post it soon.


  1. Robin! How are you? I am so glad to find your blog again! I love that mountains here. so I love seeing yours!!

  2. Great shot of Mr. Rainier you've got there. I love the mountains here, too. We're at the foot of Mt. Baker, but I'm in a valley so can't see it from the house.

    Glad you signed up for the farm divas list =)

  3. My view of Mt. Rainier from across this state is a bit more distant, but just as special. Our mountains have such a powerful energy, don't they?