Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual Christmas Bazaar

We have a very quaint little bazaar at our Lacamas Communtiy Center. I volunteer here alot and really enjoy it.
This booth belongs to my good friend Kathy. She has a Jacob sheep farm and makes many things from her wool from her sheep. The rug I have pictured here is one she made . The process to make this rug is  called Locker Hooking. It is a very beautiful rug and is for sale.

These are beautiful lamp shades with dried flowers. The gal that makes these sells them like hotcakes.
A friend of mine has this booth and sell hand made items, antiques and collectibles. Very cute stuff.

This is the fly swatters ladies booth. She covers the coolest fly swatters out of any fabric you like and the swatters are very heavy duty. Their cost $4.00.
Believe it or not the lady that makes these bags crochets them from plastic  grocery bags and other plastic bags.They are VERY sturdy and very cute. She makes a regular purse and a tote bag. I think i like the tote bag best.

This is my booth. Things I have knitted and other misc. items.

I have no idea why I took this picture side ways but it is a beautiful little tree made out of Lavender

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  1. Your blog on Christmas bazaar looks nice. I found your little tree made out of Lavender looks awesome. It was nice going through your blog.