Saturday, February 13, 2010

My New Purchase

My friends and I went out to lunch a couple of weeks ago for our birthdays. We hadn't been out for sometime so it was a really fun day. We went to lunch and then snooped around the many gift shops that we love to go to in the town of Sumner.We just happen to go into the Antique shop there ( like I  need another thing ) I had no intentions of getting a thing, HONEST, but I just happen to see this old desk back in the depths of the store. It was SOOO primitive and I sooo loved it. I got home and I couldn't get it off my mind so I begged , well almost begged, my husband to get it for me. Like for my BIRTHDAY, yup.Well he gave in and I rushed back to Sumner to get it.I just knew it would be gone but NOPE it was still there.There had been a lady seriously looking at it the first day I had  seen it. I love Primitive furniture and the desk just goes great in my house. It looks like a desk that had been in a Telegraph office or old general store. I wish I had the history on it but because I don't I will just make up my own story about it. I told the man at the store that  and he said for me to make it a good one. LOL. Here it is.

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