Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Lambs Are Arriving

My ewes started having lambs this week. My very favorite time of the year. Last Sunday the first lambs were born,  a set of white twin females. Tuesday a single female was born and Wednesday , a set of twins, one black and one white lamb , both males. They are so darn cute and my Mama's are such good moms.  There is nothing more wonderful then to go out to check them at nite and they are all peacefully laying by the mom sleeping. It is just the best. The first 3 days I keep them in seperate pens and then I let them all go together into one pen for a couple of days. When I turned them all together. It took them about 15 minutes to figure out who belong to who and then they are settled down and everything
was fine. The Moms get very pushy when they can't find their own baby. So here are pictures of the first little Babes of the year



  1. I don't think lambs can be anything but cute. Robin, you write just the way you speak and I can hear you when I read your posts.I very much enjoy you and your blog....and congratulations on your new beautiful lambs!

  2. Darling! They are sure cuties. The top pic looks like a baby poodle or something. Love the black cause I don't have black I guess...cute and different. We start lambing next weekend, just cleaning out the jugs and going to move shelters into the drop pen today. Have fun.
    Your sheep friend, Jami

  3. Thanks Kathy for your very kind words. they mean a lot to me.

  4. Hi Jami
    It was good hearing from you. I hope you have lots of healthy little lambs. I am keeping mine under cover a bit longer than usual. It is so muddy and wet here. I sure wish it would start drying out.Thanks for posting on my blog

  5. Awwww....What cuties! I like the guy with the white spot on his head. Gotta be different, lol.

  6. I had another lamb yesterday morning and have 2 more mama's to go. But they will be a while

  7. How goes it Robin? We're all finished up with 50 lambs out there but not all out of the blending pen just yet, most though. Lost one but otherwise got a nice group. Now if the lovely weather (not) would just settle into some sort of regularity but alas, can't fight the weather nor the taxes, right? LOL.
    Take care.