Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finally a Sunny Day

          It was so good to get up and see the sun this morning. We have had a terrible rainy spring. I just want it to dry out and be warmer. I spent most of the day weeding, planting and trying to get things looking spring and summer. I planted my garlic last fall and have 2 very nice rows of garlic growing. I have also planted 4 rows of onions so I am started on my garden now to get the rest of it planted.
         Tomorrow I am going on a little field trip. It is called a Farm Walk. My friend and I are going to a sheep dairy and will be taken on a tour through it.. They make cheese from the sheep milk and sell it at the Farmers Market. It is so good.
         The lambs are growing and are so full of business. They love to play king of the mountain on top of the manure pile. They are so darn funny. I have 2 old ewes this year that are looking pretty pitiful. They are old and tired. So I will have to put them out to pasture.They have been really good moms and it always breaks my heart to find them new homes.
          I found a Robin's nest in one of my bushes in the yard. It was so cute . The little baby birds with their heads held high and their mouths wide open. It was a good day.

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  1. A robin's nest, why that should be the name of your home~ Robin's Nest! I am thinking we could use a few sunny days here and wouldn't you know it, it is supposed to rain tomorrow too! But the weekend is looking like good weather is a0coming!