Saturday, July 17, 2010

Strange Little Birds Nest

I love it when the birds build their nests in strange places in my yard. This is a Oregon Junco family that has built a nest under this big rock in my backyard. The mom and dad spend their time bringing in bugs for their babies to eat. It is actually on the ground. My dog is very curious and kind of meanders by several times a day but never bothers them. Last year they built their nest in a fishing creel I have hanging on the the outside garage wall.


  1. Oregon Juncos, those little masked men! I have never found a nest of them on our property even though they are in abundance here. How interesting they are Robin! You have captured them on "film" and now I know where to look. Aren't they fascinating?

  2. How fascinating is that? I've never heard of these! :)

  3. Yes they are busy little birds. they are always at my feeders summer and winter. They are fairly tame also