Thursday, July 8, 2010

Snipits from the Farm

We have gone from pouring rain for days to boiling hot weather. The months of May and June  rained until I thought it would never quit and then just like that the switch was turned off and we have 80 and 90 degree weather immediately. I am not a hot weather person but my husband loves it.
The weeds got way ahead of me so I am still weeding like crazy. The garden is coming right along. Didn't get corn planted and I am sure it is to late now so it will go by the way side this year. I picked all the  garlic flower heads  from my garlic and will be pickling them. They are delicious pickled. This is what they look

Sam and Sally are enjoying time on the pond
A Mullein plant growing in my flower bed. It is huge and I couldn't just pull it out until it was through blooming. This is an herb that grows wild and usually the seeds come in with the hay. The Native Americans dried the flowers stem and dipped it in wax and lit the stem and used it for a torch . Also the leaves were dried and smoked and used for medicinal purposes.
I picked this rose from my bush. I think it is the biggest rose blossom I have ever had. It is beautiful. I have a plaque with the rose that says it is in honor of our veteran's and rests at the foot of the bush. We have many veterans in our family and we are very proud of them all and appreciate  what they and all of the veterans have done to keep us safe and free.

The garden is just getting started. To the right of the picture is my garlic. I planted it last fall and it is doing extremely well
My very first picking from my strawberry plants with two little cherries sitting on the top of them. I have enough strawberries to make a batch of jam. The first time since we moved here and I also  picked about 10 cherries and I ate everyone of them. The birds love them but I was the biggest Robin on the tree.


  1. Robin,
    Pickled garlic scapes sound wonderful! Of course I love just about anything pickled ;-)

  2. Robin, your place looks lovely! I can see all of the love you have put into it! I like to make garlic scape pesto too! And the blue bowl you have your berries in, I have the same one! We are kindred spirits! :-)

  3. Thanks for the nice comment. Yes I am sure we probably have several other things a like.LOL

  4. I like your blog. Your gardens are beautiful.