Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just Pictures Around The Farm

Winter bird feeding
This is called recycling. The birds eat and the extra falls to the ground and the chickens and ducks pick it up
 Pretty spring flowers from my good friend Marion. It was such a pick me up . The winter has been terrible this year.

A huge flock of Ravens flew into our trees. My very favorite bird. There was at least 20 of them

New lambs using their mom for a slide
The mama's are so patient with their lambs
Eggs from my new chickens I raised last summer.The breed of chicken is Coco Marans and they lay a very dark brown egg. They are beautiful


  1. Robin, recycling under my bird feeders is done by ducks! Love it.

    My Cuckoo Marans are laying very dark brown eggs too. I really like the dark brown shell color and the eggs look so pretty in the carton next to the Americauna green eggs.

  2. Love the dark brown eggs. How are things? You been quiet. Must be very busy there.