Sunday, April 29, 2012

My New Greenhouse

 My husband and our friend started yesterday to put up my new greenhouse. I am so excited . I had a huge greenhouse at my other home but had to leave it.
This is being put together in this location but will be moved to its permanent place after it is assembled
 My husband resting, LOL
 They are coming right along on this project

 Opps, another break
 This is the second day
Looking good. The green house will be moved behind the little yellow building in the picture

We have just a little to do and then the panels go on. That will be next weekend.
We picked this up and carried to to its final resting place . Which is behind my little potting shed. The green house is totally secured to the ground.
My husband started putting on the panels
The panels are almost all in place. Our friend and neighbor  were a really big help to Bill and it was finished in no time.

Bill built me benches right away and it didn't take me long to start filling it up.I have wonderful Vegetable plants and Tomato plants .
I am so happy with my greenhouse. It has already brought so much enjoyment . THANK YOU my husband and many thanks to Ron and George

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