Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Farm Pictures

My bees on a Thimble berry flower.The bees love these flowers
My peony's were outstanding this year. The only one that didn't bloom and was full of buds, my dear sweet turkey came by one day and picked off every bud. I could have cried. It had never bloomed before.

Another busy bee. Bringing
 me honey
The Irises are always so beautiful but never last very long

My beautiful Red Hot Poker plant. The hummingbirds spent a lot of time at this plant.


  1. Your flowers are beautiful Robin. Your whole place is lovely !

  2. Thanks so much. I love my yard and work very hard in it.It is like painting a picture to me

  3. Great pix Robin. How are your bees doing?
    Hope you are feeling better and better!