Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ohop Bob'ins

 I belong to a sewing group ( The Ohop Bob'ins ) in my area. We meet every Tuesday from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. It is named after the beautiful Ohop Valley and Ohop area near Eatonville , Wa.  It is also a very historical area. We meet at the Ohop Grange which is next to an area where the Ohop Bob restaurant once stood but burned to the ground many years ago.So this gave us the idea to name our sewing group OHOP BOB'INS. The grange is generous enough to let us meet there so in return, we do some community work for them. In the fall we help make scarves and hats for the school children at one of the local schools. Also we make blocks and put together a nice quilt to be raffled off at the Christmas Bazaar and the proceeds go towards needs for the community. Our first quilt last year was our wonderful canning jar blocks that was so much fun to make. This year we are raffling a basket block quilt. Although I don't have these pictures lined up correct.We also have a pot luck every week and have tons of fun and laughs.

 This is a all wool quilt one of the ladies made. It is large and so cute.
Close up of some of the blocks. A lot of work put into this

The entire quilt.
 These are some of the blocks for this years Basket  quilt
  close up of some of the blocks

 This one is mine
The flowers are raised on this block. Very pretty. I will be putting a picture of the completed quilt on my blog very soon.


  1. Oh heart is pounding...lovely lovely! I am into wool and quilts now. It's become so popular. The baskets are so cool too. Thanks for sharing.