Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bedding Down the Sheep

Saturday afternoon I spent quite a bit of time in the barn. I went to the feed store and got my feed for the month and then came back and unloaded a garbage can of feed for the chickens and 3 sacks of grain for the sheep, a mineral block and 3 bales of straw.
I have the sheep shearer coming Monday to shear my sheep so I had to make sure there was a good dry place for him to shear. The sheep love it when I am working around them so I cleaned up the barn and put out new straw and cozyed them all in. I love to see them all snuggled down in nice dry straw. They looked very happy when I left, chewing their cuds.


  1. I just read your last 3 posts...sounds like you are so happy and thankful Robin, and Happy Anniversary to you!

    I love seeing my sheep bedded down and content too. Often in the winter I go out at night with a hot cup of tea and just watch my sheep be content.Makes my heart happy.

  2. Yes Kathy I have done the same thing . They are a very peaceful animal.I especially like to do that when they are lambing