Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Long Hot , Dry Summer

      Well our summer is drawing to a close.We are expecting rain this weekend. We aren't used to having such a long dry summer so I think almost everyone is looking forward to some rain. But as you all know when our rain starts it doesn't stop until next summer. Myself, I am looking forward to a nice fire in the wood stove and snuggling down with my knitting and spinning and my books.
       I spent most of my summer dealing with some medical problems but I have that behind me now and am looking forward to being myself again.
       I have been cleaning up my yard for winter and putting the garden to bed. My Tomatoes did really good this year .Also have cabbage ready to make sauerkraut soon.Canned Stewed Tomatoes, Pickled Beets , Pickled Cabbage, made Pepper Jelly, Strawberry Jam and froze some peaches.
Enjoy some pictures from summer.
 My older Granddaughter, Megan made me this darling bouquet after my operation on my face.
 It was so pretty and made me feel so good.
 This is Fredrick, my male Turkey. He is so beautiful. His wife Isabelle is in one of my other posts. Fredrick is a little testy due to circumstances beyond his control. He hates my husband and I know why. It is between Fredrick and I., LOL

 This year I have had a family of Quail visiting my yard and eating under my bird feeders.
 This guy seems to always sit on the post and stand guard. He is so darn cute
Here they are again. There are probably about 15  quail. Beautiful birds.I see there are some other little birds in the foreground.It just makes my day when I get new birds in my yard
 Here are my baby guineas that were born this summer. There was at least 20 of them. They were so tiny and move so fast, I never could get a good count. Usually I lose a lot of them but it wasn't raining this year when they were born so they did pretty well. Usually they drowned in the rain.I ended up with thirteen of them and sold them for $10.00 each.I always keep the Mom and Dad.
 They learn to fly really fast and were soon roosting in the rafters of the chicken house with their parents.
 Keeping up with Mom and Dad
Out to the barnyard to eat bugs

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